Adler-Olsen / Birkegaard / Blædel / Bodelsen /  Davidsen / Egholm / Friis / Gazan / Hammer Hoeg / Isaksen Steffan JacobsenSander Jakobsen /Jensen / Juul / Jungersen / Kaaberbøl / Kazinski / Larsen Nielsen / Ørum / Rydahl Sarvig / Theils / Turèll / Wolf

Adler-Olsen, Jussi
It’s probably fitting that Adler-Olsen’s first publications were an encyclopedia of comics and two books about Groucho Marx. Born in 1950 and raised on the grounds of the mental hospitals where his father worked, Adler-Olsen’s first forays into fiction were thrillers. In 2007 he published the first in a series about a detective in Copenhagen’s imaginary Department Q. Rights to the first Department Q novel were sold to 25 countries. His style is quirky and humorous, his plots suspenseful.


The Alphabet House (Alfabethuset) Denmark 1997; UK 2014; US 2015
translated by Steve Schein

Department Q Series
The Keeper of Lost Causes / apa Mercy (Kvinden i buret) Denmark 2007UK 2011US 2011
translated by Lisa Hartford

The Absent One apa Disgrace (Fasandræberne) Denmark 2008UK 2012US 2012
translated by K. E. Semmel

A Conspiracy of Faith / apa Redemption (Flaskepost fra P) Denmark 2009UK 2013US 2013
translated by Martin Aitkin

The Purity of Vengeance / apa Guilt (Journal 64, apa Journal Fireogtreds) Denmark 2010; UK 2014; US 2013
translated by MartinAitkin

The Marco Effect / apa Buried (Marco Effekten) Denmark 2012; UK 2015; US 2014
tranlated by Martin Aitkin

The Hanging Girl (Grænseløse) Denmark 2014; UK 2015; US 2015
translated by William Frost

The Scarred Woman (Selfies) Denmark 2017; UK 2017; US 2017
translated by William Frost.

Birkegaard, Mikkel
Born in 1970, Birkegaard is an IT developer whose first novel, a mix of fantasy and thriller, was a bestseller in Denmark. Foreign rights were sold for translations into 17 languages.

The Library of Shadows (Libri di Lucca) Denmark 2007; UK 2009
translated by Tiina Nunally

Death Sentence (Over Mit Lig) Denmark 2009; UK 2011
translated by Charlotte Barslund

Blædel, Sara
A journalist, television director, and graphic artist, Blædel was born in 1964 and began publishing her police procedural series featuring Louise Rick in 2004.


Call Me Princess / apa Blue Blood (Kald mig prinsesse) Denmark 2005UK 2012US 2011
translated by Erik J. Macki and Tara F. Chase

Only One Life (Kun ét Liv) Denmark 2007US 2012

Farewell to Freedom (Aldrig mere fri) Denmark 2008US 2012
translated by Erik J. Macki and Tara F. Chace

The Forgotten Girls (Glemte Piger) Denmark 2011; US 2015
translated by Signe Rod Golly

The Killing Forest (Dødesporet) Denmark 2013; US 2016
translated by Mark Kline

The Lost Woman (Kvinden de meldte savnet) Denmark 2016; US 2017
translated by Mark Kline

The Undertaker’s Daughter (Bedemandens datter) Denmark 2017; US 2018
translated by Mark Kline

Bodelsen, Anders
Born in 1937, Bodelsen’s thrillers are reminiscent of the Martin Beck series in that his work is in the same realistic vein that examines the discontents of modern life and the effect of materialism on human relationships. One of his books, Think of a Number, was the basis of a Danish film that was remade into a critically acclaimed Canadian film starring Elliott Gould and Christopher Plummer. In addition to fiction for adults and children, he is the author of a number of radio plays.

One Down / apa Hit and Run, Run, Run (Hændeligt uheld) Denmark 1968;  UK 1970US 1970
translated by Carolyn Bly

The Silent Parter / apa Think of a Number (Tænk på et tal) Denmark 1968UK 1969US 1978
translated by David Hohnen

Freezing Down (Frysepunktet) Denmark 1969US 1971
translated by Joan Tate

Straus (Straus) Denmark 1971US 1974
translated by Nadia Christensen and Alexander Taylor

Consider the Verdict (Bevisets stilling) Denmark 1973US 1976
translated by Nadia Christensen

Operation Cobra (Operation Cobra) Denmark 1975UK 1976US 1979
translated by Joan Tate

Davidsen, Leif
Having worked as a foreign correspondent in radio and television, with a specialty in East European affairs, Davidsen’s thrillers often draw on international issues.

The Sardine Deception (Uhellige alliancer) Denmark 1984US 1986
translated by Tiina Nunnally & Steve Murray

The Russian Singer (Den russiske sangerinde) Denmark 1988UK 1991US 1991
translated by Jørgen Schiøtt.

Lime’s Photograph (Lime’s billede) Denmark 1998UK 2001

The Serbian Dane (Deb Serbiske Dansker) Denmark 1996UK 2007
Translated by Gaye Kynoch

The Woman from Bratislava (Gode søstre) Denmark 2001UK 2009
Translated by Barbara J. Haveland

Egholm, Elsebeth
After a career in music as a pianist at the the Royal Academy of Music and at the Department of Musicology at the University of Aarhus, then as a journalist, Egholm published her first novel in 1999 and in 2002 began a series featuring Dicte Svendsen, a journalist sleuth, which has been translated into several languages. In 2011, a ten-part television series about a serial killer investigation that she created, Dem som dræber. was broadcast in Denmark, followed by Dicte in 2012.

Next of Kin (Nærmeste pårørende) Denmark 2006Australia 2011

Life and Limb (Liv og Legeme) Denmark 2008; Australia 2012

Three Dog Night (Tre Hundes Nat) Denmark 2011; UK 2013
translated by Charlotte Barslund and Don Bartlett

Dead Souls (De Døde Sjæles Nat) Denmark 2012; UK 2015

Agnete Friis
After a successful writing partnership with Lene Kaaberbøl for a four-book series, Friis (a journalist and children’s author) began to write mysteries on her own.

What My Body Remembers (Blitz) Denmark 2015; US 2017
translated by Lindy Falk van Rooyen


Friis, Agnete & Lene Kaaberbøl
Born in 1974, Friis is a journalist and author of children’s books. Her first collaboration with Lene Kaaberbøl led to a Harald Mogensen award and was shortlisted for the Glass Key.

The Boy in the Suitcase (Drengen i kufferten) – Denmark 2008US 2011
translated by Lene Kaaberbøl

Invisible Murder (Stille umærkeligt drab) Denmark 2010US 2012
translated by Tara Chace

Death of a Nightingale (Nattergalens Død) Denmark 2011US 2013
translated by Elisabeth Dyssegaard

The Considerate Killer 

Gazan, Sissel-Jo
Born in 1973 and trained as a biologist, Gazan is cultural journalist and the author of several novels.

The Dinosaur Feather (Dinosaurens fjer) Denmark 2008UK 2011; US 2013
translated by Charlotte Barslund

The Arc of the Swallow (Svalens graf) Denmark 2013; UK 2014; US 2015
translated by Charlotte Barslund

Hammer, Lotte &  Søren Hammer
Trained as a nurse, Lotte Hammer joined with her brother, Søren Hammer, a lecturer at Copenhagen University College of Engineering, to write a police procedural series. The first in the series has been published in twenty countries.

The Hanging (Svinehunde) Denmark 2010UK 2013US 2013
translated by Ebba Segerberg

A Price for Everything /apa The Girl in the Ice (Alting har sin pris) Denmark 2010; UK 2015; US 2015

The Vanished (Ensomme hjerters klub) Denmark 2011; US 2016
translated by Martin Aitken

The Lake (Pigen i Satans Mose) Denmark 2014; US 2017
translated by Charlotte Barslund


Hammer, Søren see Hammer, Lotte

Høeg, Peter
Born in 1957 in Denmark, Høeg worked as a ballet dancer, fencer, actor, sailor, and mountaineer before turning to writing full-time. His work mixes elements of the thriller with philosophical and mystical components.

Smilla’s Sense of Snow / apa Miss Smilla’s Feeling for Snow (Frøken Smillas fornemmelse for sne) Denmark 1992UK 1993US 1993
translated by Tiina Nunnally

Borderliners (Måske egnede) Denmark 1993UK 1995US 1994
translated by Barbara Haveland

The History of Danish Dreams (Forestilling om det tyvende århundrede) Denmark 1988UK 1995US 1995
translated by Barbara Haveland

Tales of the Night (Fortællinger om natten) Denmark 1990US 1998
translated by Barbara Haveland

The Woman and the Ape (Kvinden og aben) Denmark 1996UK 1997US 1996
translated by Barbara Haveland

The Quiet Girl (Stille pige) Denmark 2006UK 2007US 2007
translated by Nadia Christensen

Jógvan Isaksen
A Faroese writer, literary historian, and publisher, Isaksen was born in 1950 and has received awards for his work and service. He writes in Faroese and his crime novels, children’s books, and non-fiction have been translated into Danish and other languages.

Walpurgis Tide (Krossmessa) Faroe Islands 2005; Denmark 2009; UK 2016
(translated by John Keithsson

Jacobsen, Steffan
Born in 1956, Jacobsen is an orthopedic surgeon and consultant whose first work of crime fiction was published in 2008.


When the Dead Awaken (Når de døde vågner) Denmark 2011; UK  2015
translated by Charlotte Barslund

Trophy (Trofæ) Denmark 2013; UK 2014
translated by Charlotte Barslund

Retribution (Gengældelsen) Denmark 2014; UK 2016
translated by Charlotte Barslund

Jakobsen, Sander 
The pseudonym of two writers, journalist Dagmar Winther (born 1980) and Kenneth Degnbol (born 1972), a musician who teaches both music and philosophy at the Rønde Højskole, where Winther also teaches journalism.

The Preacher (Forkynderen) Denmark 2013UK 2013
translated by the authors

Jensen, Martin

Born in 1946, Jensen worked as a teacher and school administrator before turning to writing full-time. He has published 21 novels including two historical crime series.

The King’s Hounds (Kongens hunde) Denmark 2010; US 2013
translated by Tara Chace

Oathbreaker (Edbryder) Denmark 2011; US 2014
translated by Tara Chace

A Man’s World  US 2015
tranlated by Tara Chace

Juul, Pia
Born in 1962, Juul is a poet as well as an author of shorts stories and novels, one of which involves the investigation of a crime (but could be considered literary fiction rather than crime fiction).

The Murder of Halland (Mordet på Halland) Denmark 2009UK 2012
translated by Martin Aitkin

Jungersen, Christian
Author of two novels, the second of which is available in English, Jungersen has also worked as a script consultant and film teacher. Born in Copenhagen, he now lives in New York.

The Exception (Undtagelsen) Denmark 2004US 2006
translated by Anna Paterson

You Disappear (Du forsvinder) Denmark 2012; US 2014
translated by Misha Hoekstra

Kaaberbøl, Lene
Best known for her fantasy series written for young readers, Kaaberbøl’s first book was published when she was 15 years old. See Agnete Friis for details of their collaboration on the Nina Borg series.

Doctor Death (Kadaverdoktoren) Denmark ; US 2015
translated by Elisabeth Dyssegaard

A Lady in Shadow (Levende kød) Denmark 2014; US 2017
translated by Elisabeth Dyssegaard

Kazinski, A. J.
Pseudonym of two filmmakers, Anders Rønow Klarlund and Jacob Weinreich.

The Last Good Man (Den Sidste Gode Mand) Denmark 2010US 2012
translated by Tiina Nunnally

Larsen, Michael
Born in 1961, Larsen trained as a journalist. In addition to several thrillers, he has also written film scripts.

Uncertainty (Uden sikker viden) Denmark 1994UK 1997US 1996
translated by Lone Thygesen Blecher and George Blecher

The Snake in Sydney (Slangen i Sydney) Denmark 1997UK 2000
translated by Anne Born

Nielsen, Torben
Born in 1918.

An Unsuccessful Man / apa A Gallowsbird’s Song (Galgesangen) Denmark 1973UK 1976US 1976
translated by Marianne Helweg

Nineteen Red Roses (Nitten røde roser) Denmark 1974UK 1978

Ørum, Poul
Born in 1919, his books feature Detective Inspector Jonas Mørck. Ørum died in 1997.

Scapegoat / apa The Whipping Boy (Syndebuk) Denmark 1972; UK 1975US 1975
translated by Kenneth Barclay

Nothing but the Truth (Kun sandheden) Denmark 1974; US 1976
translated by Kenneth Barclay

Rydahl, Thomas
Born in Aarhus in 1974, Rydahl won a writing award for a short story when he was seventeen years old. He has worked in communications strategy and translated two book by Malcolm Gladwell into Danish before publishing his first novel, which won the Glass Key among other awards and became a bestseller in Denmark.

The Hermit (Eremitten) Denmark 2014; UK 2016
translated by K.E. Semmel

Sarvig, Ole
Born in 1921, Sarvig was best known as a poet, but he published several novels including one late novel with an apocalyptic theme. He died in 1981.

The Sea Beneath My Window (Havet under mit Vindue) Denmark 1960; US 2003

Theils, Lone
After sixteen years in Britain as a Danish news correspondent, Theils returned to her native Denmark to write full-time.

Fatal Crossing (Pigerne fra Englandsbåden) Denmark 2015; Australia 2017
translated by Charlotte Barslund

Turèll, Dan
A prolific author of novels, criticism, and poetry, Turèll’s crime series, published between 1981 and 1989, included 12 novels (with titles all beginning with the words “Death in”) and a volume of short stories. He was born in 1946 and was heavily influenced by American culture, including the beat poets and Raymond Chandler. He died in 1993 at the age of 47, leaving behind an impressive body of work. A public square in Copenhagen was named Onkel Dannys Plads in his honor.

Murder in the Dark (Mord i Mørket) Denmark 1981; UK 2012; US 2013
translated by Mark Mussari

Wolf, Inger
Born in 1971, Wolf began publishing a series about a Danish detective and an IT specialist, the first of which won a Danish award for best debut crime novel in 2006. Only the fifth in the series is available in English, and only in ebook format.

Evil Water (Ondt vand) Denmark 2012; English edition, 2012